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Price: $400
Color: White
DOB: 6/17/2014

Bellamy and Valentino grew up together and are looking forward to moving together to a new home.
Both males have fabulous fiber.

Bellamy's Average Fiber Diameter: 19.8,  SD 4.4, CV 22.4, % over 30 1.4

He produced 7.8 lbs of very fine fiber this year. 

main image
July 2018
July 2018
July 2018
July 2018
Bellamy March 2016
Bellamy March 2016

Fiber Facts

Sample Year:  2016  AFD:  19.8  SD:  4.4  COV:  22.4  %>30:  1.4  Shear Weight:  7.8  
Sample Year:  2015  AFD:  19.2  

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