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Marketing and Sales

A Variety of Options Exist for Marketing and Selling Alpacas

Whether a rancher chooses to build a herd on a tax-deferred basis or sell the offspring or a combination of both, marketing and sales become important.

Many options and opportunities for purchase and sales are available:

  • Auctions - occur throughout the United States, including major annual auctions at the national alpaca conference and the alpaca futurity.
  • Trade Shows - are sponsored by numerous alpaca organizations throughout the United States and throughout the year.Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) - Magazine ads in Sunset, Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, United Airlines, and TV Infomercials result in more than 10,000 inquiries to AOA each year. Ranches may purchase those leads from AOA for a fee.
  • Local advertising - Ranches frequently identify prospective clients through ads in local publications, fairs and community events.
  • Internet - Internet sales of alpacas have become widely accepted. Alpacas at Lone Ranch has been very active in internet sales.
  • We participate in numerous local and regional arts and crafts fairs as vendors selling our alpaca products and yarn.

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