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Cowl - 100% Alpaca

Price: $39.00
This cowl weighs 2.9 oz, and was knitted on size 13 needles.
9.5"  high and about 20" in circumference at the top, slipping comfortably over medium size head. Very soft and stylish.
Misti Best of Nature chunky baby alpaca yarn from Peru, using natural dyes from vegetables and other natural sources.
Both top and bottom have a curled edge.

Same green yarn, different pattern,  size 11 needles, weighs 2.6 oz, 6" high and 22" circumference.  One size fits all.

Hand wash, cold, mild soap, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 2


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Hudson Alpaca - Luxurious Scarf

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Full Price: $66.00
Sale Price: $45.00

Made in Peru - 100% Baby Alpaca, 12" x 70" including fringe. 

Dry clean.

Quantity Available: 2


Infinity Scarf

Price: $39.00
The Infinity is a scarf with its ends sewn together in a twist, or not. It's long enough to wrap around your neck twice  or three times, or around your head and neck once, or just let it hang loose. 

These are knitted from Oregon grown  Alpaca yarn.  Incredibly soft and wonderful, weighing between 2 - 2.3 oz.
3 - 4" wide and 45-47" in circumference.

The two tone purple, knitted in basket weave, is 5" wide. 

Hand wash, cold, mild soap, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 3


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Neck Warmer

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Price: $45.00
Using 2 strands of  Oregon grown alpaca sport weight yarn, these neck warmers weigh between 3 and 3.5 oz and slip over your head.
The top can be folded down to form a collar.

Hand wash, cold, mild soap or shampoo, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 3


Neck Warmer with fringe

Price: $49.00
Barbara is modeling the neck warmer with fringe.

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Scarf - Alpaca blended with 10% Bamboo, hand knitted

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Price: $69.00
Oregon grown alpaca blended with 10% bamboo, sport weight.  Hand knitted - one strand black and one strand brown knitted together with size 11 needles.
Very soft and lofty.  
63" long, 5" wide, 5.3 oz.  

Hand wash, cold, mild soap, air dry.


Scarf - Filippi pattern

Full Price: $35.00
Sale Price: $30.00

From the One Skein Wonders book, this scarf is knitted in k1 p1 pattern with ruffled ends. 

Copper - 30% Alpaca/70% wool.  Matching beanie sold.

54" long and 2 3/4" wide, weighing just  2 oz,  it wears really well doubled and put through the loop, showing off the ruffled ends.

Recent visitor to the ranch is wearing her new scarf knitted by her mom from Kimaree's yarn.

Hand wash, cold, lay flat to dry.


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