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Price: $39.00
Purple - rolled brim, seed stitch, Peruvian 100% alpaca yarn. 1.6 oz 

Black/gold thread- the black is from our own animals. 2.4 oz

Orange-Blue - 87% Alpaca, 13% wool, made in Italy, 3.2 oz

Orange-Blue open top for your pony tail - same as above

Two-tone Gray - 40% Alpaca, 50% wool, 10% Acrylic, bulky yarn. The hat weighs 3 oz.

Two-tone Brown - same as gray

Green - Peruvian Misti yarn,  2.2 0z

The natural colored one features a handmade wooden button. Oregon grown Alpaca yarn blended with
   10% bamboo. 2.6 oz.

Fit most heads.

Hand wash, mild soap or shampoo, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 6


main image


main image

Price: $39.00
Sure to keep your head warm during the winter months.  

Brown-Black -  brown is Oregon grown Alpaca blended with 10% bamboo. The black is 60% Peruvian Alpaca, 30% wool and 10% silk.  It weighs 2.7 oz   Find the matching scarf under "scarves".

Brown-Green - brown is Oregon grown Alpaca blended with 10% bamboo. Green is 60% Peruvian Alpaca, 30% wool and
   10% silk.  2.6 oz.

Red-Purple - 50% Peruvian Alpaca and 50% wool. 4.5 oz.

Green/Gray - 50% Peruvian Alpaca (gray) and 50% wool, 3.7 oz

Black/White - 100% Peruvian Alpaca, 1.8 oz

Dark Green - Oregon grown Alpaca, blended with 10% bamboo, hand dyed,  2 oz

Hand wash, cold, mild soap, air dry.

Quantity Available: 6


Beret/Slouchy $49

Price: $49.00
Andeansun Baby Alpaca, 4.2 oz, hand knitted. Modeled by Barbara,  expert member of our knitting group.
Hand wash, cold, mild soap, lay flat to dry.


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Felted Hats 50% Alpaca / 50% Wool

main image

Price: $79.00
50% Alpaca and 50% wool, hand knitted and felted.  

Feathers are supplied by our chickens, doves, woodpeckers, and the occasional wild turkey.

These hats are best tried on for proper fit.  Or call with your head measurements.

Dry clean or hand wash, cold, mild soap.  Shape to retain size.

Quantity Available: 5


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