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I Love Alpacas

Yoga and Alpacas

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Yoga with Alpacas

For several weeks now, yoga instructor Melanie Mecham and her students have enjoyed Yoga with Alpacas at Alpacas at Lone Ranch for an hour of deep breathing and stretching. Lessons were originally offered at the Grange in Eagle Point. But then social distancing happened and the group moved to a beautiful park in Eagle Point for their Wednesday lesson. Unfortunately, that was also the day and time when city staff mowed the grass and trimmed many edges. The associated noise did not lend itself to the peace and tranquility a normal yoga class provides.

If you ever wanted to do yoga, now is the time! Contact Melanie at camphostyogi@gmail.com or call her at 541-414-8111. We will continue Yoga with Alpacas until it starts raining.

Downward dog


Kimaree is paying attention


Left foot up

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