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Hello, We are Renate & Richard

We used to be up at 5, out the door by 6:15 am, and back home by 7:00 pm. Now we work hard, perhaps harder, than we ever have...but we are happier.

Alpaca Ranchers to the max, we fill our lives with ranching chores and with other country living activities.

"Alpacas don't need a lot from us...they maintain themselves very well...they are quiet and peaceful companions". We have the freedom to travel and to participate in local community activities. For overnight or extended trips, we hire a trusted ranch sitter.

Today, our ranch includes fenced pastures, barns, areas for the herdsires, areas for the dams, and breeding and birthing space for the animals on a total of 14.5 acres. Five or 6 alpacas will need about one acre, with males and females being in separate pastures.

We share ranch responsibilities with Richard managing the herd on a day to day basis, and Renate keeping track of breeding schedules, birthing records, and other paper work associated with any business, while offering the occasional extra pair of hands when needed. Renate is also in charge of taking pictures.
A beautiful day in the neighborhood

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