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Transporting Alpacas

Whether a few miles to a local show, or cross-country to a new home, from time to time alpacas must be transported. For short trips up to 4 hours with only 2 or 3 alpacas, the back of a mini-van, seats removed, is ideal. The alpacas kneel down (kushing), look out the windows and otherwise seem to enjoy the ride.

Longer trips are possible but require stopping periodically at grassy areas for exercise, pooping, and a bit of munching. For longer trips or more than 3 animals a small horse trailer with grass bedding, feeding bags and a bucket of water is usually more convenient.

If preferred, for long trips or for transporting many animals, professional alpaca transporters are available.

We have had a high level of satisfaction with:

Mike Cates (west coast)
(509) 258-4426 or
short notice@msn.com

Randy & Barbara Coleman
Wings & A Prayer Alpacas
503/310-9367 or 503/263-6944

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