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Marketing and Sales

A Variety of Options Exist for Marketing and Selling Alpacas

Whether a rancher chooses to build a herd on a tax-deferred basis or sell the offspring or a combination of both, marketing and sales become important.

Many options and opportunities for purchase and sales are available:

  • Auctions - occur throughout the United States, including major annual auctions at the national alpaca conference and the alpaca futurity.
  • Trade Shows - are sponsored by numerous alpaca organizations throughout the United States and throughout the year.Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) - Magazine ads in Sunset, Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, United Airlines, and TV Infomercials result in more than 10,000 inquiries to AOA each year. Ranches may purchase those leads from AOA for a fee.
  • Local advertising - Ranches frequently identify prospective clients through ads in local publications, fairs and community events.
  • Internet - Internet sales of alpacas have become widely accepted. Alpacas at Lone Ranch has been very active in internet sales.
  • We participate in numerous local and regional arts and crafts fairs as vendors selling our alpaca products and yarn.
After the visitors enjoyed meeting the alpacas they have an opportunity to put their hands into a bag of cleaned up fleece ready to be shipped to the mill for spinning into yarn. 

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