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It's as Easy as Saying "Orgle, Orgle, Orgle!"

In nature, females will usually begin breeding at 2 years old.  Most males are ready when they are 2 to 3 years old.

The female kneels down, called kushing, and looks back at the male frequently during breeding.

Males repeat a continual guttural sound, called orgling, during the approximately 20 minute breeding session.

Alpacas are induced ovulators, meaning they do not come into heat. This means they can ovulate and become pregnant anytime they are exposed. By controlling their breeding, the birthing season can easily be limited to the months suitable for the rancher's climate, often in the spring. This greatly facilitates ranchers' vacation scheduling. However, the dam is most fertile 21 days after having given birth.

It is our goal to improve each year's crop of crias. Alpacas' main function is to produce beautiful fiber and lots of it. If a dam lacks density in her fiber, we will select a male whose fiber is fine and dense. More often than not, the resulting off spring will have the density the mom was lacking.

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