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Four Fabulous Fiber Fellow
Package Price: $999
Package Value:$1,300
These guys are living peacefully together as a group and would love to move together.
Package Includes:

Males - Two Fabulous Fiber Fellows
Package Price: $625
Package Value:$800
These two have grown up together and are looking for a new home. Baco (med. fawn) has very fine fiber, 22.1 average fiber diameter. Cavalier is white and we'll have his fiber information after shearing in May. Both boys are healthy and have been living peacefully with 4 other males.
Package Includes:
Regular Price:
  Sire:     Aspen Ridge Augusto''s Chochiti
Dam:    Silver Rose Delight
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Silver and Black Fiber Fellows
Package Price: $625
Package Value:$800
Hand spinners dream!
Package Includes:

Twin Brothers Harry and David
Package Price: $450
Package Value:$500
Twins are rare in the alpaca world. These healthy handsome boys are ready to move to your pasture. Together, they sheared 10 1/2 lbs of fiber which can be yours if purchased by 7/1/2019. After that date, it will be included in a bulk sale of fleeces.
Package Includes:

Two Colorful Fine Fiber Fellows
Package Price: $625
Package Value:$800
Calling all Natural Fiber Enthusiasts!

You want some alpacas nibbling on your grass but aren't interested in breeding? Here are two healthy boys with very nice fiber for your consideration! They don't eat enough to eliminate mowing altogether but will add immensely to the enjoyment of your property. Supermoon is bay black, Bellamy is white/light fawn, Prince Fredrick (we call him Freddie)is light fawn, and Valentino is white. They are living peacefully together with four other males and are looking forward to moving together to a new home. Their fiber is excellent and will make great yarn. Give us a call to find out more. Free delivery within 50 miles.
Package Includes:

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