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Startup Assistance

The pastures of Alpacas at Lone Ranch are nestled in the picturesque Upper Rogue Valley in southwestern Oregon.

Our system is to view the animal operations and the business operations of alpaca-ranching as two overlapping and interdependent, yet distinct spheres of endeavor. Excellence in both have been important to our success.

Our niche in the industry has been to select and excel at three things:
  • Providing newcomers with "understandable step-by-step start-up assistance" for successful animal AND business operations.
  • Making our top-of-the-line champion colored herdsires available to other ranchers' females, for a limited number of breedings.
  • Marketing and selling no more than 10 to 15 top-quality offspring annually, priced below their market value. Like a fine custom home builder, we target only a limited number of sales and breedings each year.

Our approach is to initiate and develop a personal business relationship with a small number of loyal customers. In a purposeful manner, we attempt to WOW them with our honesty, expertise, individualized attention, and top-of-the-line alpacas at mid-range prices.

So far this strategy of offering customers honesty, personal attention, an excellent product and value/price, rather than seeking volume and/or top dollar, has worked very well for us.

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