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Classic Alpaca - Fingerless Gloves

Price: $30.00
I can't knit them fast enough - here are some very well made texting gloves from Classic Alpaca, made in Peru. 100% alpaca.   Beautiful pattern,  7.5" long.

Fits women's medium hands.

Hand wash, cold, mild soap or shampoo, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 6


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Fingerless Gloves - Alpaca blend (NEAFP)

main image

Price: $30.00
From the New England Fiber Pool made from American Alpaca.

Hand wash, mild soap, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 6



Price: $30.00
Our mid-weight alpaca gloves will keep your hands warm during a wide range of outdoor activities! Alpaca's natural characteristics, it's semi-hollow core and moisture wicking properties, make it a great fit for gloves.

80%  American Alpaca, 20% Nylon.  Made in US.   
Hand wash warm, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 4


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Price: $45.00
Hand knitted mittens, size small/medium, two strands hand dyed sport weight alpaca yarn blended with 10% bamboo.
3.4 oz.

Hand wash, warm, mild soap, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 2


Texting Gloves - hand knitted

Price: $30.00
Hand knitted,  about 7.5" long,  Fits woman's medium hands.

Hand wash, cold, lay flat to dry.


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Texting gloves, hand knitted, $39

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Price: $39.00
Two strands of  Peruvian alpaca yarn,  brown/black and dark gray, were used for these gloves, weighing between 2.7 oz 

Fits  woman's medium hands. 8" long.

Hand wash, cold, mild soap. Lay flat to dry.


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