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I Love Alpacas

Ranch Visitors show off their Creations knitted from our Yarn

Friday, December 31, 2021

Annette's Beret

Here is the completed beret from your gorgeous alpaca/bamboo yarn. It has been finished for days, but I've been waiting for my daughter Anna to have time to put it on to model it for you. It is SO light and warm and I have ALMOST enough yarn left for another one. I can certainly make a baby hat out of what is left. I don't wait to waste an inch of it. 

I made a couple of changes to the pattern you gave me. I added two stitches to the garter stitch border for an I-cord edging which I like very much - it holds things together and gives a nice finish I think. I didn't put the little I-cord piece at the top - that always looks a bit like a pig's tail to me although I know it is a usual feature of a beret. I will take this with me to New York in the fall when I am there. I LOVE berets and am particularly proud of this one since it comes from animals I know personally. 

Thank you again for our lovely day at your farm.

Margaret's Cardigan

happy mother's day!

attached please find a photo of me wearing the completed sweater that I made from your wonderful yarns.
thank you very much
Napa Valley

Luanne's Cowl for Her Mom

Thank you much for spending your time with us last week and for sending us our picture! I really loved hearing about the alpacas and their life!! I thought I'd forward you a picture of the cowl I knit for my mom with the Kimaree fiber!! It was lovely to work with! Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Jefferson's Coat

Hi Renate!

Finally, I have finished Jefferson and wanted to share some photos of him with you. I LOVED working on this little coat - it's a lot of garter stitch with a lace panel down both front edges. The pattern is called "Lovely in Lace" by Christina Wall and is available on Ravelry.

I'm off to the Theatre!

I changed the pattern a lot though. I had so much beautiful yarn that I wanted to use as much of it as I could (only have a skein and a half left over). I will give you the details of what I did if you want them. I loved making it especially since I knew the owner of the yarn personally! 

We are in New York. I'm going to the theatre tonight and intend on wearing Jefferson to impress my friends - one of whom is an avid knitter and will appreciate the story behind the sweater.

Polar Express and Jefferson

That's my fleece spun into yarn with 20% silk added! Maybe Annette could make a beret with the rest of my yarn?
P.S. I'm the dark guy

- and here's the beret!

Char's Shawl

Our daughter Robyn is modeling the shawl knitted by enthusiastic knitter and alpaca yarn customer, Char, who used the Kool-Aid lemonade dyed yarn and natural white to create this pretty shawl.

- and here's the back!
Char's Scarves

Char had purchased our yarn online before joining the tour group to see a Shakespeare play in Ashland and visit our alpacas. She brought a few of her creations with her.

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