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I Love Alpacas

Mr. and Mrs.Toad

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Ameline's 10th Birthday celebration

Ok - every visitor loves the alpacas, especially Kimaree, but then - if they are lucky - there's Mr. Toad. Thanks to the Creepy Crawlies column in the Upper Rogue Independent, we learned last July that Mr. Toad and his girl friends (they are smaller so we are making an assumption here..) belong to the " Western toad, an amphibian who much prefers land to water. No matter their color (gray to reddish brown to yellow or green) they have a white stripe down their back."

Mr. Toad, or one of the smaller versions, have been enthusiastically greeted by most visitors of all ages.

Western Toads like to lounge under the automatic waterers where the crushed granite is nice and cool. Sometimes, after an especially enthusiastic encounter with visitors, they disappear for a day or two.

When Ameline brought her 5 friends to the ranch to celebrate her 10th birthday, and all girls planted a big kiss on his back, Mr. Toad was gone the next day. Ameline's mom explained it perfectly: he turned into a prince and hopped to the nearest castle.

In the meantime, thanks to google, we know that the larger toad is the female and the smaller ones are males. The male is also the one making little sounds while someone is holding him.
Rebecca from Chico

Rebecca from Chico stopped by recently - visiting alpacas had been on her bucket list.
She thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them - and Mr. (or was that Mrs?) Toad!

Cousins getting reacquainted at the annual family reunion, which this year included a visit to the alpaca ranch.

The kids are holding one of the smaller toads, who - as we now know - is Mr. Toad, whereas Mrs. Toad, the much bigger one, was unavailable.
That's a cold belly!

One of the Hastings kids enjoys - more or less - the cool and bumpy skin of Mrs. Toad.
Trudy from Calistoga

Trudy and Mrs. Toad - new best friends forever!


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